Urbanism :: Morphology Study of Fergus Falls, Minnesota

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Part (1 of 2) of my graduate thesis project.
“This urban design component is centered on the concept of creating an “arts district” as a catalyst to revive the struggling downtown. Prior to this urban design solution, extensive historical research and urban analysis was conducted. This research focused on discovering what characteristics of this downtown have been successful and why. Then I analyzed how to make the downtown more accessible and pedestrian friendly. The culmination of this urban design will lead to the design of a new concert hall in the downtown as an anchoring feature of the new arts district.”
To learn more about this project and to follow my progress, please visit the project blog. Fergus Falls Design – a downtown reborn

urban morphological analysis and proposal :: graduate thesis project – part 1

urban morphology analysis :: historic and proposed

transect :: existing and proposed

Visit this projects website to see more research and images :: Fergus Falls Design – a downtown reborn

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